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Evanescence, "Everybody's Fool"

The Evanescence chick, Amy Lee, courageously allows herself to be photographed most unflatteringly in this standard story about an actress/model type who's all phony pep on camera and near suicidal when off it. But it's very well handled, with great scenes of the haggard, deeply depressed celeb getting scoped out by bimbos in an elevator, and a series of excellent commercials parodies in which all the products are named Lies. Pretty good song too, even though it sounds exactly like two dozen other pretty good songs.

Director: Philipp Stolzl, Oil Factory Editor: Sven Budelmann, FX Factory, Berlin Animation: Rainbows & Vampires @ Oil Factory

Modest Mouse, "Float On"

Modest Mouse is an awfully meek and retiring name for a band, but there's nothing meek and retiring about this clip. It's a multifariously animated tour de force featuring a whole lotta sheep and dizzyingly brilliant camerawork. Another shoo-in for the Top 10 list. Too bad the song sounds almost exactly like vintage Talking Heads. Original Mouse they ain't.

Director/Animator: Christopher Mills, Revolver Film Co.

Editor: Christopher Mills, Earnest Harris Jr.

Art Director/Illustrator/Modelmaker: Earnest Harris Jr.

Kanye West, "Jesus Walks"

Kanye West is the latest in a very short line of thinking man's rappers, and in this vid he takes on the subject of religion, which, as he notes, is not likely to get him much radioplay. But he sure has a lot of videoplay. There are three versions of the "Jesus Walks" vid, and we're here to salute two of them: the ever inventive Chris Milk's big-budget clip, and a $50,000 Super 8 black and white job by Chike & Coodie of Gorilla Flix. The polished Milk version, which has been described by West as O Brother, Where Art Thou? meets Birth of a Nation, features a chain gang, Klansmen, burning crosses, a drug bust and a marvelous moment when a flock of doves emerges from a trunkful of cocaine. The cheapo vid has Jesus himself walking around Chicago with West, filling a fridge with food, healing the lame, creating money and generally watching West's back better than any bodyguard could, riding around the 'hood with him like it was a Cheech & Chong sketch. It's funny, but it's also oddly moving. To borrow a line from the vid, hip-hop needs West like Kathie Lee needs Regis.

Director: Chris Milk,

Editor: Livio Sanchez, The Whitehouse Effects: Radium

Director: Chike & Coodie, Gorilla Flix

Editor: Brian Kushner, Purple Cow Post

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