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Millionaire, "I'm On a High"

One-take and quasi-one-take vids are generally surefire ways to stoke the viewing energy needed to make it to the end of a clip, which is proven again with this camera crawl through a sweaty, sexy club for the Belgian boys of Millionaire. Director Tony Petrossian's lens follows saucy lead singer Tim Vanhamel in what Petrossian explains is "14 very specific shots married in post, with every second of every shot planned down to the bone. And I've got to acknowledge the Belgian crew. I can't wait for another job where we get loaded on beer and wine at lunch, then operate a heavy crane."

Director/Editor: Tony Petrossian, Rockhard Films

Effects: James Vanderhaeghen, Nozon, Brussels

Ladytron, "Destroy"

This chilly, intriguingly foreboding effects-heavy art vid features the band members' faces modeled into snow-covered hills, sort of like a hip Mt. Rushmore. But, as the clip progresses, life-size versions of the band hike through the nasty terrain only to battle a wicked wind made by their hill faces blowing on them. In an unusual turn of events, director Adam Bartlett requested that Absolute Post "not make the compositing too realistic, since he wanted the backgrounds to look like models so as to enhance the feeling of being stuck in a purgatory-like, finite place," says Absolute. Sweet.

Director: Adam Bartlett, Exposure, London Editor: Gareth McEwan, The Whitehouse, London Effects: Absolute Post, London

BRMC, "Ain't No Easy Way"

An excellent acoustic-bluesy track is set to richly photographed incongruous scenes that vary from a vaguely Russian officers' party that ends in murder to Eyes Wide Shut-style orgies with paranoid surveillance overtones. "It's a collage of random imagery crossing time periods from the 1930s to today," says director Charles Mehling, who's repped for commercials by Chelsea Pictures. "It's a voyeuristic view of debauchery. I deliberately go against the music's pure and honest acoustic sound to create a sometimes dark look at human behavior." And his director's cut has plenty of sex and nudity.

Director: Charles Mehling, Streetgang Films

Editor: Jason Mowe, Sunset Editorial

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