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Great! Starting Tonight, ABC Will Literally Torture Game Show Losers (Watch a Preview)

The MediaWorks Guide to Summer TV: '101 Ways to Leave a Game Show'

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All of a sudden we're kind of excited about watching a stupid game show! Because tonight at 9/8 C, ABC will take the degradation of contestants to an all-time low by literally torturing them (well, depending on what your definition of torture is ) in "101 Ways to Leave a Game Show," an Americanized version of a British show of the same name from the evil geniuses at reality-TV factory Endemol ("Big Brother," "Deal or No Deal," "Wipeout"). To get an idea of the shenanigans, watch the brief preview trailer below, which we're presenting as part of the MediaWorks Guide to Summer TV -- an ongoing series of video cheat sheets to help you stay on top of the cultural/media conversation about shows premiering this summer.

Here's ABC's pitch:

"101 Ways to Leave a Game Show" will feature contestants competing in one of the most insane game shows in history for a chance to win $50,000. In "101 Ways," contestants will match wits in a series of multiple choice questions, with one contestant being eliminated every round. But unlike any other game show in the world, the eliminated contestant will then be ejected from the show in spectacular fashion, i.e., being flown away strapped to the wing of a biplane, shot out of a cannon, pushed off the top of a moving semi truck, dragged underwater by a one-ton anchor or yanked off a dock by a speed boat.

Man, this is how Charlie Sheen should have left "Two and a Half Men."

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