Introducing Windows Krispy Kreme (Take That, Android KitKat!)

In the Wake of the Google-Nestle Deal, Some Modest Suggestions for More Co-Brands

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There's something about Google's oddball licensing of the Kit Kat brand for the latest version of its Android mobile operating system -- to be called Android KitKat -- that makes me think of Ad Age's beloved and enduringly popular Agency Name Generator, which mashes together unlikely combinations of words to gin up perfectly credible agency monikers.

Android KitKat further changes the rules of branding and I find this to be liberating! Liberating in a Simon Dumenco Jack Daniels sort of way.

We all obviously have no choice now but to wildly speculate about future Android co-brands, including Android Lemonhead, Android Mallomars and Android Necco Wafer. Plenty of alphabet left to go.

But we also have to wonder what other sorts of brands could team up. I've started us off with some tech and media brands -- plus one government brand, for good measure -- and forced them into arranged marriages with candy and candy-ish brands.

Please add your own thoughts in the comments.

Windows Krispy Kreme -- pretty much the only thing that will get people to buy the next version of Windows.

Nokia Nerdsphone -- obviously.

Yahoo Yoo-Hoo -- rebranding for Yahoo Messenger.

BuzzFeed Pez -- for a revolutionary new version of Buzzfeed that publishes time-saving listicles that are only one item long. (BuzzFeed is already sort of a media Pez dispenser, so why not?)

The New York Times That Striped Hard Candy Grandmothers Always Keep in Bowls, Whatever It's Called -- rebranding for its Large Print Weekly edition.

Sony Pocky -- this should have happened by now.

Gawker Sour Patch Kids -- I'm not sure what product this could be the name for (maybe a new Gawker newsletter, or some sort of injectable or inhalable version of Gawker?), but the Sour Patch Kids slogan -- "Sour. Sweet. Gone." -- really resonates with how I feel after reading a typical Gawker post.

NSA Peeps -- for PRISM 2.0, to soften the spy agency's brand image.

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" columnist for Advertising Age. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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