The Best Part of Trevor Noah's 'Daily Show' Debut ...

Jon Stewart's Successor Shows Why He Got the Job

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The best part of Trevor Noah's debut as the new host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" last night might just be the whole thing (with the possible exception of a perfunctory, but still fun, interview with his celebrity guest, comedy superstar Kevin Hart). Throughout the show he was funny, yes -- particularly in his opening monologue when he riffed on replacing our national "political dad," Jon Stewart -- but mostly he was just a pleasure to watch. He's got great comedic timing, great material (the "Daily Show" writing team seems to already know how to play to his sensibility), a great face (he's somehow both handsome and cherubically cute), and he's almost eerily self-assured without being cocky. As Viacom Music and Entertainment Group President Doug Herzog put it to The Boston Globe a few days ago, Trevor Noah's "poise is off the charts." So far, that's making for good television.

Here's a extended clip from the show if you missed it:

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