Rebranding Carlos Danger

Anthony Weiner Needs a New Sexting Alias. Here Are 12 Options

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Anthony Weiner in the video announcing his candidacy for mayor
Anthony Weiner in the video announcing his candidacy for mayor
In the wake of yesterday's revelation that former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner has been caught sexting again -- this time under the name "Carlos Danger" -- The New York Times editorial board this morning is calling for him to drop out of the New York City mayoral race. Regardless of whether or not Weiner bails or soldiers on, though, one key question remains for the disgraced politician: What to call himself while sexting, now that his Carlos Danger cover has been blown.

I spoke with a leading rebranding expert -- me -- about Carlos Danger 2.0. Remarkably, having barely made it through his first cup of coffee of the day, he was able to reel off a dozen options that are at least as good as Carlos Danger:

  • Danny Delusional
  • Randy Reckless
  • Ricky Risky
  • Ira Indiscreet
  • Carlos Ranger
  • Carl Danger
  • Pete Peligro
  • Jack "Smooth" McBallsington
  • H.R.H. Prince Anthony, Duke of Sextington
  • Brad Pitt
  • Penis Hilton
  • Mayor McTease

Meanwhile, if it's true that the recipient of Weiner's sexts is one Sydney Elaine Leathers, as BuzzFeed is reporting, well, there's no need to change that. That's the best name ever.

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" columnist for Advertising Age. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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