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Time Creates a Mailing-Label Merkin for its Stunning One World Trade Center Cover

In the Wake of Reader Complaints, the Weekly Magazine Takes Action

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You've already seen Time magazine's One World Trade Center cover image, right? A stunning, elaborately produced panorama taken from the spire of the tallest building in the western hemisphere, it's been the talk of the media world since it was released last Friday as a special three-page fold-out cover. But some readers, it turns out, had a problem with it.

In the March 24 issue, out today, Time Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs writes on the Editor's Desk page,

"Ed Terris of Sherwood Forest, Calif., was one of many readers moved by our March 17 panoramic cover photograph from atop One World Trade Center ('One of the most beautiful and inspiring images I have ever seen'), but he was frustrated that his address label partly obscured it. So at the suggestion of Walt Andariese of Berlin, N.J., we're reprinting that covered patch to scale ... Just cut it out, paste it over your address label and enjoy."

Seems entirely reasonable to me, especially given how much work went into the image. Under the direction of Time Director of Photography Kira Pollack, photographer Jonathan Woods became the first (and so far only) journalist to get to ascend to the top of One World Trade Center. But it wasn't just a matter of Woods, a Time senior editor who specializes in photography and interactive storytelling, bringing his Canon up there. The Time team, over an eight-month period, worked with a company called Gigapan to design and build a specially modified camera and platform. Ultimately, over five hours of shooting, Woods, working with Gigapan's Michael Franz, captured 567 images that were then digitally merged together in post-production. (You can watch a short documentary video about the project here.)

It's a triumph of photojournalism that will surely rack up tons of awards.

But I think Walt Andariese deserves an award, too, for inspiring Time to create a mailing-label merkin.

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" columnist for Advertising Age. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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