And the Top 5 Biggest Social-TV Moments During Last Night's Oscars Were ...

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Twitter's head of TV, Fred Graver, reveals in a blog post titled "A look back at the Oscars" (yes, this morning it does seem so very long ago) that there were nearly 9 million tweets about the 85th annual Academy Awards last night, including 2.1 million during the red-carpet pre-show, and 6.8 million during the big show itself.

According to Graver's numbers, Adele was arguably the night's big social-media winner. She appears twice in Twitter's Top 5 list of Oscar moments that prompted the most tweets-per-minute (TPM) -- and came within spitting distance of the inevitable most-tweeted moment (the announcement of Best Picture) with her performance of "Skyfall":

1. "Argo" wins Best Picture: 85,300 TPM
2. Adele performs "Skyfall": 82,300 TPM
3. Jennifer Lawrence wins Best Actress in a Leading Role: 71,600 TPM
4. Adele wins for Best Original Song: 64,000 TPM
5. Anne Hathaway wins Best Actress in a Supporting Role: 60,400 TPM

It's worth noting that Lawrence's big moment surely got a big boost from her big fall -- dramatically captured on the front page of today's New York Post.

On a personal note, I confess to contributing to the total for No. 2 by tweeting during Adele's "Skyfall" performance -- but only because I find the song's lyrics to be really inane. Sadly, the Harlem Shake moment I enjoyed (semi-ironically) didn't make the Top 5.

Check out Graver's full post at Twitter's official blog for a sampling of selected celebrity tweets about the Oscars.

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