Watch a Ridiculously Charming Fan Video for Sonic Drive-In

Indie Rocker Giorgio Fareira Expresses His Love for the Fast-Food Chain in Song

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This video, titled "Giorgio Loves Sonic," was posted to YouTube just yesterday, but is already exploding today because it landed on Reddit's home page this morning. It shows a guy named Giorgio -- a minor amount of digging revealed that he's Giorgio Fareira of the band The Interstate Life -- sitting in the passenger seat of a friend's car and literally singing his order to an unseen but obviously amused employee at a Sonic Drive-In's order kiosk. Fareira strums his guitar throughout the order, and though he knows what he wants and starts out with a firm and soulful "Can I get a Number 8, with large chili-cheese tater tots?" he has to improv his way through the rest of the order-song because the Sonic employee keeps interrupting to ask questions like "And what kind of drink?"

I confess to grinning my way through the video because of the cognitive disconnect of hearing a gentle acoustic guitar melody along with lyrics such as a "A large Fritos Chili Pie" rendered in Fareira's strong, lovely rasp. It all comes off as both goofy and heartfelt -- an ad hoc love-song to a fast-food chain by a musician who's simultaneously satirizing his own indie-rock earnestness.

By the way, it appears that a friend of Fareira posted the copy of "I Love Sonic" that 's getting all the Reddit-driven views, but on Fareira's own post of the video on his YouTube channel, he offers this explanation in the description field for his drive-through stunt:

I'm kinda strange and like to do random stuff to make people smile! Mission accomplished. They got everything on the order absolutely right and were super nice!

At any rate, he comes off a zillion times more charming than Justin Bieber did last summer in his own drive-through viral-video stunt.

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