Brilliant: Astronaut Gives Physics Lesson by Playing 'Angry Birds' in Space

Video Supports Next Game Release From Rovio

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If web views are any indication, Rovio's "Angry Birds" franchise has at least one more hit left: space. Or maybe we're all fascinated to watch NASA astronaut Don Pettit demonstrate principles of physics by flinging Angry Birds around the International Space Station, as he says, "240 nautical miles above the surface of the Earth."

The nearly 4-minute physics demonstration is a marketing coup for Rovio, which releases the fourth version of the game, "Angry Birds Space," later today. The campaign came in at No. 4 in total views last week, with 1.7 million views on several short 15-second spots and a longer nearly 4-minute physics demonstration, according to Visible Measures. Expect it to top the chart next week: The long video alone is now showing 6 million views since it posted March 8.

It's a brilliant use of pop culture to make science relevant to kids, part of NASA's mission. "Gravity will attract an object if it is moving in a straight line and it will no longer move in a straight line and it gets bent and goes in a curved trajectory," Mr. Pettit says. "And guess what? Astronauts have to worry about these things."


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