Bizarre Little Baby's Ice Cream Video Creeps Onto the Viral Chart

You Probably Won't Forget Tiny Ice Cream Brand Any Time Soon

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Meet Malcolm.
Meet Malcolm.

Warning: The No. 9 video on the Viral Video Chart this week, Little Baby's Ice Cream's "This is a Special Time ," may confuse, bewilder or completely creep you out.

The video stars Malcolm, the Little Baby's Ice Cream mascot, a non-human creature formed from a failed batch of Duck Sauce Vanilla ice cream. As his voiceover explains that his "pores are so clean and clear" because he eats "Little Baby's [slight pause] Ice Cream," disturbingly wide-eyed Malcolm is taking scoops of himself with a spoon.

"This is a Special Time " garnered 1.7 million views last week and marks the debut for the small Philadelphia-based ice cream brand on the chart. While the video has been passed around quite a bit, reactions to the videos have been fairly consistent. Most viewers took to social media to say something like this:

Even if it scares some viewers, they probably won't forget Little Baby's Ice Cream anytime soon. And it did the trick of getting the small company's name out in Philadelphia, and across the country, where the spot garnered the a sizable amount of media coverage for the small company. It might even help sell some ice cream. One viewer on Twitter rated it "quite disturbing, and yet rather appealing."

Malcolm actually made his debut in May in another video by the brand called "Love Lickers." Both of these strange videos, part of the "Ice Cream is a Feeling" campaign, somehow seem in keeping with a company that makes hand-made, small-batch ice cream in kooky flavors like Balsamic Banana, Earl Grey Sriracha, and Peanut Butter Maple Tarragon.

Started by musicians Pete Angevine, Jeffrey Ziga and Martin Brown, Little Baby's Ice Cream officially went into business on May 21, 2011. As the founders noted in an interview with the Philadelphia Weekly, that was the day of a supposed apocalypse.

The trio started operating out of a freezer attached to a custom tricycle called "Flavor Blaster One." Since then, the company has expanded: It now has four tricycles and what they refer to as a "world headquarters," a counter in the back of a Philadelphia pizza shop. It also sells pints at some retail locations in Philadelphia.

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