Book of Tens: Biggest Viral Ads of the Year (Excluding Trailers)

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It was another breakout year for web video, and for the ads that inspired people to watch, post, like, share, tweet or Digg. In a word, the ads that went "viral."

This year the top-10 ads of the year racked up a little more than 320 million views, compared to 196 million for the top 10 in 2009, a 63% increase. Driving the increase is more video consumption and more use of popular sharing tools on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, not to mention outstanding creative and, in the case of Old Spice, an interactive element that inspired people to participate in the campaign.

The clear winners: Old Spice and agency Wieden & Kennedy, which combined for three campaigns in the top 10 and 168 million views -- nearly as much as the entire top 10 last year. Weiden actually has a fourth video in the top 10, it's "Write the Future" for Nike, an ad campaign that leveraged Nike's biggest stars in soccer, Didier Drogba, Fabio Cannavaro, Wayne Rooney and Franck Ribery, to gain more views on the web around the World Cup than the World Cup's official sponsor, Adidas. It was, as Advertising Age reported at the time, one of the best "ambush-marketing" efforts of the web video era.

Campaign Industry Agency 2010 Views* Release Date Watch the Spot
1 Old Spice - Responses Health & Beauty Wieden & Kennedy 68,299,955 7/12/10 Old Spice - Responses
2 Old Spice - Odor Blocker Health & Beauty Wieden & Kennedy 41,633,251 3/31/10 Old Spice - Odor Blocker
3 Doritos - Crash The Super Bowl 2010 Packaged Food Goodby Silverstein & Partners 36,544,211 1/5/10 Doritos - Crash The Super Bowl 2010
4 Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Health & Beauty Wieden & Kennedy 36,357,426 2/4/10 Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
5 Nike - Write the Future Apparel & Accessories Wieden & Kennedy 35,219,072 5/15/10 Nike - Write the Future
6 DC Shoes - Gymkhana Three Apparel & Accessories In-house 22,684,962 8/24/10 DC Shoes - Gymkhana Three
7 Old Spice - The Return of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Health & Beauty Wieden & Kennedy 22,437,071 6/29/10 Old Spice - The Return of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
8 Pepsi - Oh Africa Non-Alcoholic Beverages N/A 20,239,289 2/27/10 Pepsi - Oh Africa
9 Gillette - Perfect Length Health & Beauty Jack Morton 18,505,753 6/19/10 Gillette - Perfect Length
10 E-Trade - Super Bowl 2010 Financial Services Grey 18,425,875 2/1/10 E-Trade - Super Bowl 2010
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