Samsung Proves Its Viral Chops With Video for Washing Machines

Two Videos For Very Different Products

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Samsung has dominated the Viral Chart with campaigns for phones, tablets, and TVs. But let's be fair, those products lend themselves to extreme viral hits. But in it's latest entry on the Chart, Samsung proves that it is a master of the viral video by advertising possibly the least sexy product they make: a washing machine.

While Samsung's Super Bowl spot, "The Next Big Thing," tops the Viral Chart for the third week running, it is the No. 5 video by Samsung that shows its viral chops. "Huge Bear Surprises Crew," an ad for the South Korean company's new EcoBubble washer, garnered more than 2.6 million views last week for a total of more than 13 million views so far.

The video depicts a film crew setting up a snow shoot for the EcoBubble washer – which performs well at cold temperatures by creating bubbles – when they are interrupted by the arrival of a brown bear. Once the crew scatters to safety, they watch as the bear approaches the washing machine, strips off its coat, and waits in his boxers while the machine works its magic on his coat.

Working with The Viral Factory out of London, Samsung shot the spot using both a Canadian brown bear and, for the stripped down bear, a man in a body stocking with prosthetics. This video is sure to go over better than Samsung's last animal-centric collaboration with The Viral Factory. In November, the tech company came under scrutiny when it released a video called "Don't Give Up On Puppy Love" that depicted laptops as puppies and then showed owners destroying the laptops by smashing, throwing, and shooting them. Samsung took down the video after only 1 week.

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