Viral Chart Is the Latest Battlefield for the Cola Wars

Coke Wins With Security Cameras That Catch Random Acts of Kindness

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Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi. It's one of the most infamous brand rivalries in history.

The battle infamously heated up in the 1970s, when Pepsi launched the Pepsi Challenge, and it hasn't cooled down since. In the past few decades, the brands have duked it out on TV, on social media and even outer space. Now the Cola Wars have invaded this week's Viral Video Chart.

And much like it does in sales, Coca-Cola dominated the competition this week. The "Open Happiness" brand takes the top spot with the debut of a new spot called Security Cameras.

The video, a patchwork of security footage (some real and some based on real footage), encourages viewers to "look at the world a little differently." Since security footage is often associated with crime, Coca-Cola instead highlights the happy moments caught on film. It's a montage of stolen kisses instead of stolen wallets and music addicts rather than drug addicts, all set to the cheery "Give a Little Bit" performed by Roger Hodgson of Supertramp.

Created by Coke Latin America and produced by Landia, Security Cameras garnered 3.2 million views in its first week and at least 10 copies and derivatives of the video have already been identified by Visible Measures.

Pepsi Max takes the runner-up spot this week with "Uncle Drew," a video that debuted four weeks ago at No. 3 on the Chart. The five-minute video starring Kyrie Irving had dropped to No. 7 last week, but an incredible 40% increase in views puts the video in its highest position to date. That's likely due to 30-second clips that ran during the NBA Finals.

Whether Pepsi increased its paid advertising this week or we are just witnessing the power of Pepsi fanatics, it doesn't seem coincidental that the brand saw such a dramatic rise in views the same week its arch rival had a new piece of creative making the rounds.

But Coca-Cola wasn't the only newbie on the chart this week. Other notable newcomers include an artsy salute to French Cinema and 2001: A Space Odyssey from Perrier (at No. 9) and a bizarre video from Lean Pockets featuring David Hasselhoff as its German spokesman, Gunter "Mr. Lean" Hasselhoff (at No. 7).

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