Deeply Felt Velvet

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We thought maybe it was just an American fetish, but it seems even in the U.K. toilet paper is sold on the basis of some kind of softness beyond soft. Why not just use butter, for God's sake? For Velvet, as least, Stacy Wall crossed the pond and did something surreal. The people in the Velvet factory treat their product as if it were cushions, it's so damn soft. They fall onto it like stuntmen, they use it for pillows, they bounce their bikes off it. This is all shot in what amounts to a no-dialogue dream sequence, set to a drowsy piano score. It's almost creepy, but in the U.K. this probably passes for endearing. Tagline: "Love your bum." Good gawd.

Client: Velvet (U.K.) Agency: Fallon/London CW: Ed Edwards AD: Dave Masterman Agency Producer: Charles Hall Director: Stacy Wall/Epoch Films Editor: Lisa Gunning/Whitehouse, Chicago Composer: Sam Prekop

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