Fair Trade Aid

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Oxfam America, a Boston-based international development and relief agency, with the aid of branding agency Benenson Janson, no stranger to advocacy work, has a celeb-driven print campaign in which the stars allow a mess to be made of their images for a good cause. As the agency explains, "Millions of small-scale farmers all over the world cannot make a living because rich countries subsidize their biggest, richest farmers and agricultural businesses to overproduce. These massive, global farming operations dump the surplus on poorer countries and push down the price, making it impossible for local farmers to compete. As a result of these practices, more than half of the people who make a living from agriculture live on less than $2 a day." So photog Greg Williams and a bunch of progressive-minded celebs, including Minnie Driver, Michael Stipe, Antonio Banderas, Bono, Alanis Morissette and Thom Yorke, lend their cachet for a literal interpretation of the issue. "We decided the best way to get concerned people involved and put a face on this devastating problem was to do just that," says CCO Andrew Janson. "You'll see some of the biggest celebrities in the world literally being dumped on-in effect, degraded, dehumanized and victimized, much as the people in these small countries are by this selfish, mindless dumping."

Client: Oxfam America Agency: Benenson Janson, L.A. CCO: Andrew Janson ADs: Andrew Janson, Kat Earnshaw, Ryan Hitzel CW: Michael Kirby Designer: Don Baker Photographer: Greg Williams

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