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Washington Mutual is out of control. In fact, that should be their tagline, "We're the bank that's out of control." They're doing beer advertising, and they don't sell beer-though we wouldn't be surprised if soon they have a keg in every branch. In this "Brandon" spot, a poor sap gets pelted with a hail of food, is viciously kicked by a pony (no doubt a flatulent pony) and is slammed into stage lighting in what looks like a near-fatal rigging mishap, though of course he immediately gets to his feet. The point of all this? Something vague about Brandon wants to help kids, because he's in a WaMu program that puts money to the school of his choice. A completely flimsy excuse for a series of laddie-appeal sight gags, excellently executed, as usual, by Craig Gillespie. Just one request, WaMu: can you add some sex into this mix?

Client: Washington Mutual Agency: Sedgwick Rd. CD: Steve Johnston CW: Forrest Healy AD: Mishy Cass Agency Producers: Jane Jacobsen, Margaret Overly Director: Craig Gillespie/MJZ Editor: Johnna Turiano/Slice

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