L.A.'s Friendly Traffic Buddy

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In traffic-plagued Los Angeles, notes WongDoody writer Tom Hamling, "no matter where you're going there's always the outside chance that you'll be staring at the back of a Pontiac Aztek for the next two hours. In an effort to entertain these frustrated motorists and possibly educate them on how to avoid these situations, we created billboards"-seen, of course, at various traffic hot spots in town-"that take drivers inside the head of an outspoken and very talkative individual. He's the kind of person who chats you up on a five-hour flight across the country, and you wish he hadn't. After you take the time to read this guy's opinions and observations, you're left with a choice: Stay informed with the KNX 1070 traffic report or continue to read the ramblings of your new traffic buddy." The handwriting belongs to WongDoody production manager Tony Beste.

Client: KNX 1070 News Radio Agency: WongDoody, L.A. CD: Tracy Wong ACD: Michael Boychuk Senior Copywriter: Tom Hamling

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