Lite x 2 Text: Y&R/Chicago continues to rock for Miller Lite. In "Epidemic," mass panic ensues when people all over town realize their beer has no taste. Everyone's screaming, "My beer has no taste!" Interestingly, this is before they switch to Lite. In "Air Beer," everyone's drinking a generic light beer from empty bottles and glasses, which allows for some pointed mime routines. And since they're drinking a beer that's so bland it's invisible, we get to see them drinking it on camera. Another blow against fascist TV booze restrictions! Client: Miller Lite Agency: Young & Rubicam/Chicago ECD: Mark Figliulo CD/CW: Dave Loew CD/AD:Jon Wyville CW: Tim Cawley AD: Mollie Wilkie Agency Producers: Jim Bouvet, Matt Bijarchi, Brian Smego Director: Traktor/Partizan Editor: Russell Icke/Whitehouse, Chicago Effects: Method Music: Human Sound Design: Play

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