When Pinups Get Pinned

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We haven't played Rumble Rose, the new women's wrestling game for the PS2, but we've read about it and it sounds completely fantastic. It's impossible to go wrong with a spot selling this product, and this "Thong" :30, while falling well short of chick-action nirvana, has its head in the right place-locked under a woman's arm. The scene: Guy and girl in lingerie store. Guy says to girl, "That chick over there says you're too fat to wear a thong." Instant hottie tussle in the store, as the guy looks on in laddie wonder and eventually takes a picture. But these are typical Maxim-style chicks, not WWE-type uber wenches. It appears the few seconds of de rigueur game action could easily be expanded into a :30 that would outhot the live-girl action, so we're looking for Konami to crank up the heat for the next round.

Client: Konami Agency: Duncan Channon, San Rafael, Calif. CD/CW: Parker Channon ACD: Anne Elisco Lemme AD: Jon Stewart Agency Producer: Lynn Cary Director: Steve Fong/Kaboom Productions Editor: Matt Graham/Umlaut Films

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