Ploys of the Unemployed

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CareerBuilder's slogan is "Plan your escape," so this campaign, directed by the inventive consortium known as Happy, features people who didn't, but lived to tell about it anyway, we guess. A bank teller suddenly jumps up on the counter and yells for everybody to get down; they do, as if a robbery is in progress, but she just traipses out the front door. And on to a job as a baby sitter, most likely, but let's not worry about that. Elsewhere, a guy stages his own spontaneous office accident to flee via ambulance, and a poor schmuck who assembles giant teddy bears for a living makes a getaway inside of one.

Client: Agency: Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago CD: Marshall Ross CW: Pat Hanna AD: Ted Jenkins Agency Producer: Ben Latimer Director: Happy/Smuggler Editor: Jay Herda/Red Car, Chicago

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