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Forget Steven the Dell guy. Now we have Clay. The 2:35 web version of Dell's "Clay's Talent" is that rarest of ad outings, combining a meaningful special effect with dialogue-driven Acting! as Jon Lovitz might have put it on an old SNL. Clay has 12 fingers-six per hand, conveniently, which makes him the most efficient guy in the office. In low-key mock-doc interviews with his fellow employees, expertly helmed by David Shane, we get their sensitivity to his oddity-one guy says, "Clay's a freak about deadlines. No, I don't mean he's a freak, I mean he's freakish about deadlines"-and we also meet his secret admirer, a wallflower in an argyle sweater vest, who recites an hysterically awful poem she wrote for him. The tables are turned however, when new Dell computers arrive on everyone's desk, reducing Clay to chief masseur and shadow puppet entertainer. Excellent performances all around.

Client: Dell Agency: DDB/Chicago CCO: Bob Scarpelli GCD: Paul Tilley CD/CW: Dan Fietsam CD/AD: Brad Cohn AD: Jimmy Olson Director: David Shane/Hungry Man. Editor: Kate Wrobel/Optimus Music/Sound Design: Endless Noise Graphic Design: Brand New School

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