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Land Rover has a curious new campaign that doesn't show the product or mention the brand. It's all about sending the viewer to www.findyouraq.com. We're guessing you'd have to be pretty bored to bother going there, but most people are in fact pretty bored, so what the hell. And when you go there you immediately get a Land Rover in your face, then you take a tedious Adventure Quotient quiz-we got bored on question 10 and quit-which is apparently designed to winnow the upscale potential Land Rover buyer from the chaff of the rest of us. The good news is the TV campaign is funny and very well handled, as we see people who find themselves in grotesquely incongruous situations, like a stripped-down bodybuilder on stage for karaoke night-fabulous on-cue massive pec flex-and a grizzled guy on a mule who's ordered to parachute out of a plane. His lip-quivering indignation is so good he should get an Emmy.

Client: Land Rover Agency: Young & Rubicam/Irvine Group Creative Director: John Hage CWs: John Fiebke, Dave Horton Director: Jared Hess/Moxie Pictures Editor: Geoff Hounsell/Lost Planet Sound Design: Elias Arts

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