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Marketer: Vodafone

Agency: J. Walter Thompson, London

Vodafone makes advanced video technology consumer friendly with Live! With 3G

Vodafone's innovative marketing campaign for its third-generation technology package, launched last week in Europe and Japan as Live! with 3G, includes a miniseries based on Fox's "24" that customers can watch on their cellphones, and six global commercials.

To introduce the idea of mobile TV content, Vodafone commissioned Twentieth Century Fox to create content inspired by its drama series "24." Starting in January 2005, Vodafone users can view 24 weekly 60-second "mobisodes" of "24: Conspiracy" in a parallel plot featuring characters inspired by the hit TV series.

Other promotions will include trailers and clips of a Movie of the Month starting with "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason." Users can also view exclusive content from MTV's video diaries.

David Wheldon, Vodafone's global director-marketing and brand communications, said, "the technology allows us to do interesting and dramatic things, so we wanted to reflect that in the marketing."

Six global TV and cinema spots by WPP Group's J. Walter Thompson Co. appeal to customers' emotions. In one spot promoting video calling, a mother and daughter play a bedtime game as the daughter, giggling, mimicks her mother. The camera pulls away to reveal that the mother is away on business while the daughter is with her father at home.

"We're focusing on the heightened series of experiences that the consumer has when using 3G," said Mr. Wheldon.

Another spot shows Vodafone brand icon David Beckham experiencing watching a live game, as if he were really there, and walking through a crowd of fans.

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