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Marketer: Haagen Dazs

Agency: TBWA Germany, Hamburg

Seeking new ad spaces, ice cream maker puts its flavors and images on stamps in Austria

[London] Haagen Dazs invented a new advertising medium as part of its international "Let your tongue travel" campaign. Taking the tagline literally, TBWA Germany had the idea of creating genuine Haagen Dazs postage stamps and flavoring the adhesive on the back with some of the most popular ice cream flavors. Luckily, the Austrian Postal Service is happy to have its stamps used for commercial purposes.

"They love the individualization of stamps," said Ulrich Proeschel, TBWA Germany's director marketing and communication. "It's a product they sell, and it's a cool marketing tool. They sold us their space. In Austria, if you wake up feeling beautiful, you can have your face put on a stamp. They will send you a bill, of course."

Haagen Dazs is the first brand to exploit the Austrian Postal Service's entrepreneurial spirit for marketing purposes. "You have to be the first mover and break the convention that stamps are official and cannot be touched by advertising while the convention still exists," Mr. Proeschel said.

The limited-edition stamps-valid for mail in and out of Austria-were given away as part of a loyalty scheme. Every ten scoops of ice cream earned the consumer a book of stamps, with the added advantage of encouraging customers to try new flavors.

The agency came up with the idea at the end of 2005, a time of year when the ice cream business is slow and Haagen Dazs invests in loyalty programs to boost sales.

Artwork on the stamps was borrowed from an existing German print and poster campaign. Flavors in the promotion include cookies and cream, billed as "San Francisco's delicacy"; strawberry cheesecake ("New York's delicacy"); Choc Choc Chip ("West Africa's delicacy"); and panna cotta and raspberry ("Milan's delicacy").
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