Fading 'American Idol' Falls Out of TV's Top 10 Check-ins

The GetGlue Top 10, Jan. 30-Feb. 5

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In last week's chart tallying the top TV shows on entertainment check-in service GetGlue, CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" took the top spot. This week "Big Bang Theory" is deposed by -- well, you can probably guess.

Some notes and context:

  • The broadcast of Super Bowl XLVI, with 158,025 check-ins, was the single biggest event in GetGlue history. (It's a measure of how much GetGlue has grown in the past year that last year's Super Bowl telecast had just 19,412 check-ins.) And the numbers from Nielsen were stellar, too.

  • Gimme a C! Gimme a U! Gimme a T! Gimme an E! Animal Planet's "Puppy Bowl VIII" takes our No. 8 spot with 32,086 check-ins. The show, of course, was fraught with controversy because one of the puppies flipped the bird at ... oh, wait, wrong scandal. This (via Time .com) is what I was thinking of : "Did the Puppy Bowl Crown the Wrong 'Most Valuable Puppy'?"

  • Discouraging news for Fox: Its "American Idol," which has been making headlines lately mostly for continuing to slip in the ratings , drops entirely out of our Top 10 for TV check-ins. (If this were a Top 20 list, you'd see it at No. 12 -- which means the Super Bowl and the Puppy Bowl helped displace it, so it could be back in our Top 10 next week.)
  • Meanwhile, NBC's "Idol" competitor "The Voice" did spectacularly well in its return. Our weekly chart closes out Sunday night, so the episode of "The Voice" that takes our No. 5 spot is the one that aired right after the Super Bowl. But the regular episode that aired last night (which will surely end up in our chart next week) kept up the ratings momentum at a minimum. Bill Carter of The New York Times reports: "Riding its post Super Bowl send-off, NBC's singing competition 'The Voice' exploded out of the gate in its first regular edition Monday night, squashing even the enormously popular CBS lineup of comedies." Read Carter's full post at the Times' Media Decoder blog for all the details.
  • Circling back to Fox, this is worth reading: "Fox explains 'X Factor' shake-up, defends 'Idol' ratings " -- an interview with Fox President of Alternative Entertainment Mike Darnell by EW.com's James Hibberd.

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" columnist for Advertising Age. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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