Falling Check-ins for 'Falling Skies'

The GetGlue Top 10, June 18-24

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In last week's chart tallying the top TV shows on entertainment check-in service GetGlue, we spun a theory as to why the low-rated "Nikita" consistently dominates TV check-ins. This week, it set the social bar even higher. Scroll down below the graphic for more notes and context.

  • At this point it's not surprising that the CW's "Nikita" has topped the TV check-ins chart yet again -- even though it's well into reruns now -- but its social activity continues to be remarkable, marking a new milestone to boot. Despite only attracting about 830,000 viewers last week, according to Nielsen, "Nikita" clocked 163,000 check-ins and crossed 3 million cumulative check-ins on GetGlue in the process. It's the first show to reach 3 million, though "The Big Bang Theory" is not too far behind. And if we take the list at face value, just shy of 20% of "Nikita" viewers engaged with it socially this week. Compare that to "The Big Bang Theory," another power player in TV check-ins. It drew 8.3 million viewers on CBS -- to say nothing of the audience for its daily appearances in syndication -- and earned 36 ,000 check-ins, which is about a 0.4% check-in rate. See last week's analysis for our take on what is driving these remarkable numbers.
  • One of the week's big losers on the chart and in the ratings was TNT's "Dallas" reboot, the premiere of which dominated cable ratings June 13 with a 6.8 million viewers and debuted on the check-ins chart last week at No. 5. This week it took a huge nosedive and clocked roughly 14,000 fewer check-ins, not to mention losing more than 2 million viewers ratings -wise. To be fair, of course, premieres and finales typically perform much more strongly than regular-season episodes.
  • The other biggest loser this week was also in TNT's stable: sci-fi hit "Falling Skies" saw a 60% drop in check-ins from its premiere last week, and also slipped ratings -wise. Metacritic's user reviews are heavily polarized when it comes to "Falling Skies," so it may boil down to a classic case of a genre show with a growing cult following falling into that inescapable sophomore slump.

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