Five Social-TV Talking Points for the Past Week

Insights on POTUS' SOTU address, 'Bad Girls Club,' Snooki, SpongeBob and More

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Our editorial partner Trendrr, the social-media monitoring firm, updates its social-TV charts at for broadcast and cable every day and also offers a weekly view. We're presenting the most recent weekly charts here, covering the seven days from Monday, Jan. 23, through Sunday, Jan. 29. Scroll down for five key social-TV talking points.

1. "Bad Girls Club" is still a major social-TV obsession. The most recent episode of the Oxygen reality show took the No. 1 spot on's cable chart for Monday, with 237,219 in "Total Activity" -- a tally of social buzz across Twitter and Facebook along with GetGlue and Miso check-ins -- and a cumulative 459,606 score for the past week, giving it the No. 7 spot on our cable chart.

2. The State of the Union is ... buzzy. Last Tuesday's SOTU address takes the No. 1 spot on's full-week broadcast and cable charts -- it aired across multiple networks, of course -- with 2,163,801 Total Activity. Trendrr estimates that the gender split of social-media conversation about President Obama's speech skewed 60% male, 40% female.

3. "WWE Raw" has fewer fans talking. The formerly uncontested social-TV champion of Monday night cable, "WWE Raw" falls to No. 6 in's cable Top 10 for last week, although it could have been fifth if WWE's "Royal Rumble" -- an annual pay-per-view event now in its 25th year -- hadn't come along and taken that spot. The "Royal Rumble" highlight: Newt Gingrich jumped off of a ladder and body-slammed Mitt -- oh, wait, sorry... wrong show.

4. Fox and CBS rule social. News Corp.'s TV flagship has four of the most buzzed-about shows in's broadcast Top 10 for the past week -- three of them cartoons ("The Simpsons," "Family Guy" and "American Dad") and one of them cartoonish ("American Idol"). Speaking of which, I'm beginning to think the Steven Tyler character on "Idol" might actually just be very convincing motion-capture animation. Meanwhile, CBS also takes four spots in the broadcast Top 10 -- three with popular sitcoms and one with "CSI: Miami."

5. Snooki vs. SpongeBob. With the exception of the State of the Union address, pretty much all of the shows on's cable Top 10 could be called cartoons of one kind or another -- especially "Jersey Shore" (which, tragically, edged out "SpongeBob Squarepants" in social heat).

Dumenco's Trendrr Chart of the Week is produced in collaboration with Wiredset, the New York digital agency behind Trendrr.

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" columnist for Advertising Age. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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