Guerrilla efforts in Beijing? Don't even think about it

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Guerrilla efforts in Beijing? Don't even think about it

In preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing is cracking down on the cheapest forms of advertising. According to M&C News, don't bother handing out leaflets or putting up posters of any sort. And spray-painting adverts? Forget about it. Any phone numbers on such ads will be suspended and violators could find themselves levied with detention or community service. With all the China cheerleading going on, it's easy to forget that in the People's Republic, no one can hear you scream "First Amendment." But at least the official sponsors won't have their messages diluted.

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Abstinence may be best bet for making a sale

In the June issue of Journal of Consumer Research, authors Yong-Soon Kang and Paul M. Herr argue "that an attractive model can actually negatively influence product perception if the model is irrelevant to the quality of the product and the consumer had a very high interest in the product to begin with." Gee? Really? We always choose our financial-service companies by who has the hottest babes in the ads. To be fair, the press releases for this study might be sexing the story up a bit, but the authors' summary indicates there's plenty of nuanced scholarship behind this one.
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