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As seen in 'The Decatur Daily'

Latest promotions tie Gospel to the gridiron

The Associated Press' John Zenor paints a scene from an Arena Football game in Birmingham: "The throng of fans cheered, shouted enthusiastic 'Amens' and waved their arms above their heads to the tunes of a Christian rock band. Nearby, kids checked out the Bible-themed bobblehead dolls and posed with VeggieTales characters while parents scanned tables filled with Bibles in a family-friendly brand of pregame tailgating. That scene before a recent Birmingham Steeldogs Arena Football game is one of a growing number of 'Faith Nights' at sporting events around the country that mix religion and sports, praise and promotion."

As seen in the 'Dover-Sherborn Press'

Kids get schooled in the 'realities' of advertising

The Chickering School in Dover, Mass., is offering an after-school course for the young and impressionable (not to mention the manipulators of their parents' bank accounts) to help them gain a better understanding of marketers and how they manipulate. Bev Wax interviewed teaching aide Robert Minshul, who described the course: "[It] is all about how companies market products and services and what ways they urge you to use and buy their product ... from pure exaggeration to outright lying."
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