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The Buyology Symposium

The Buyology SymposiumMartin Lindstrom is host of the popular and long-running Ad Age weekly video series, Brandflash. The globetrotting marketing guru is an adviser to top executives at various Fortune 100 companies and author of five best-selling books including his latest, Buyology, translated into twenty-five languages.

If you're curious about why Apple fans are willing to wait in line for 48 hours to receive a t-shirt; why we just can't drink a Corona beer without squeezing a wedge of lime into the bottle neck; and why Marcella, a 42-year-old woman from California has more than 500 gifts in her home from Marlboro — then the Buyology Symposium is a must for you.

The Buyology Symposium explores why everything we believe about why we buy is wrong. Product placement is off track, sex doesn't sell and the TV commercial is dead in the water. So what's next for marketing? How can we repair advertising approaches when the basic toolkit for it — and which the $600 billion advertising industry depends on — needs fixing?

Packed with amazing cases, groundbreaking insights and intriguing data, the Buyology Symposium addresses exactly that conundrum: how we replace the broken tools to enhance the success of advertising and branding.

This multimedia show explores what Martin Lindstrom and his global team of scientists have learned from the world's largest ever NeuroMarketing study. It holds revelations about the advertising of tomorrow, the future of TV commercials, and product placement.

Marketing, Meet Neuroscience

How much do we know about why consumers buy? What truly influences their decisions in today's message-cluttered world? An eye-grabbing advertisement? A catchy slogan? An infectious jingle? Or do their buying decisions take place below the surface, so deep within their subconscious minds, they're barely aware of them?

In Buyology, international branding sensation Martin Lindstrom presented the astonishing findings from his groundbreaking, four-year, $7 million neoromarketing study, a cutting-edge experiment that peered inside the brains of 2,000 volunteers from around the world as they encountered various logos, commercials, brands and products. His startling results shatter much of what we have long believed about what seduces our interest and drives us to buy.

Worldwide Phenomenon

The book has become a worldwide phenomenon, landing on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today's best-seller lists and garnishing effusive praise from leading publications such as Fast Company magazine, Newsweek, Time, The Sunday Times (UK) as well as coverage on the NBC Today Show, ABC News, CNBC, and more.

Especially In This Economic Climate — You Can't Afford to Miss This Symposium!

Buyology represents what may be the biggest branding revolution in 50 years. In this climate of needing to deliver ever more with ever less, you can't afford to miss out on these insights that will turn every concept you have learned about branding inside out and upside down.

Now, in two exclusive United States engagements, you will have the opportunity to spend a half-day with Lindstrom himself as he takes you on a journey into the study that digs wider and deeper than it was possible in the book alone, into the research findings and their implications for marketers and advertisers. So join Martin Lindstrom, either in New York on March 26th or in San Francisco on March 31st, for an unforgettable journey into the truths and lies about why we buy.