Sponsors Partner for Patriotic Promotion

McDonald's, Coca-Cola and Adidas Lead Joint Cheering Program

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McDonald's is expanding in China through patriotic promotions
McDonald's is expanding in China through patriotic promotions
BEIJING (AdAgeChina.com) -- Chinese are eager to find outlets to voice support for local athletes and Olympic sponsors have demonstrated yet again that they are happy to help out.

The latest act of patriotic support is a joint effort by McDonald's Corp., Coca-Cola Co. and Adidas.

When a Chinese Olympic team or individual wins a medal during the games, customers who purchase a game piece on packaging in a McDonald's restaurant can win a prize from one of the three companies.

The campaign will cover all 302 Olympic competition events via special game pieces printed on McDonald's packaging in restaurants. For example, purchase of a "Cheer for China" extra value meal includes up to five game pieces.

Some of the pieces offer instant prizes. The rest list a competition event. If China wins a medal - gold, silver or bronze - and it matches the customer's game piece, they also win a prize. The prizes include RMB 2,008 ($293) and RMB 500 ($73) in cash from McDonald's, food and beverage items, copies of the presentation suits created for the Chinese Olympic Team by Adidas, and Coca-Cola's Olympic collectible contour glasses.

"China Win You Win" is McDonald's largest consumer promotion in China to date, encompassing more than 630 restaurants nationwide. McDonald's put 58 million game pieces in circulation, starting July 28. The promotion ends on the final day of the Olympics, Aug. 24.

Execs from McDonald's, Coke, Adidas and the China Olympics Comm. launch the joint promotion
Execs from McDonald's, Coke, Adidas and the China Olympics Comm. launch the joint promotion
During the games, McDonald's restaurants in China, 80% of which never close, will show Olympic programming, encouraging customers to hang out in their restaurants. Live broadcasts will be offered through a networked TV system established with China Central Television's international and mobile network division. State-run CCTV is China's only national broadcaster.

"Our aim was simple. We wanted to reach as many people as possible during games time, especially those who can't be at the games and yet, are longing to be a part of China's winning moments," said Jeff Schwartz, McDonald's Shanghai-based China CEO.

Nationalism and pride in China's selection as an Olympic host city is at an all-time high in the mainland, encouraging many companies to create similar promotions.

McDonald's launched another Olympic cheering program late last year. When more than 1,000 young Chinese gathered at the Olympic Sports Stadium at the end of the promotion in April, it broke a Guinness World Record for the biggest cheering performance.

Local beer sponsor Tsingtao Brewery Co. rolled out its own "Cheers for China" campaign in April. Built on a web platform, it let visitors upload photo and video "cheers" to the company's Olympic web site, www.cheers-china.com.

China Mobile created a "Team Up to Cheer" campaign built around a music platform and running in mobile and online media for its youth-oriented M-Zone service brand.

Coke rival PepsiCo International even launched an online "Cheer for China" campaign this year. The internet and mobile media campaign gave consumers a chance to get their photo on Pepsi's packaging. During a nine-week period from March to May 2008, 28 million Chinese took part in the campaign, submitting nearly five million photos and registering 45 million votes.
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