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We'll Tell You What's Happening on the Ground in Beijing

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Normandy Madden
Normandy Madden
Welcome to Ad Age's China Olympics 2008 blog. We created this site to chronicle what's happening inside and outside the Olympic venues. Our bloggers will talk about the marketing events, the buzz, the controversies, the traffic and pollution problems and other challenges facing sponsors and visitors and, of course, the parties.

Our blog team is a diverse group of people, a mixture of old China hands and newcomers from different geographic and corporate backgrounds. You can read more about them in the blog bios, but below is a brief introduction.

P.T. Black and Greg Paull are researchers with strong insights about the behavior and beliefs of Chinese consumers. Three other members of our team, all of whom are longtime Beijing residents, have their own blogs about living in China. If you want to check them out, Richard Burger's site is The Peking Duck and Ray Ally's blog is Rayally.blogspot.com. David Wolf maintains two blogs, Silicon Hutong and The Peking Review.

TBWA creative Chien Hwang and event organizer Jeffrey Bonin, who orchestrated Samsung's pavilion, are "free spirits" who will show us the lively after-hours side of the games. Coca-Cola's Kevin Tressler and Adidas' Paul Pi are senior execs at two of the most active sponsors of the games, who will see years of work unfold over the next three weeks.

Together, we hope they will give you a clear and entertaining picture of what's happening at the 2008 Olympic Games.

Normandy Madden
Editor, AdAgeChina.com
Asia editor, Advertising Age
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