China's "City of Antiquities"

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NINGBO--Located near China’s coast in Zhejiang province, Ningbo is close to the mainland’s most sophisticated city, Shanghai, and one of its prettiest provincial capitals, Hangzhou.

Despite being a major, deep-water port and a manufacturing base, Ningbo can compete with both of those neighbors. Ningbo is one of China’s greenest towns, thanks to miles of tree-lined walkways alongside three rivers that converge in the city center. Many of the city’s riverside Colonial-era buildings have been converted into hip bars and restaurants. Although not as wealthy as Shanghai, Ningbo is propserous for a second tier, sub-provincial city. Factories churn out goods for export, namely clothing, consumer goods and furniture.

One of the country’s largest antique furniture factories is located in Ningbo, restoring and exporting antique Chinese furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties, earning it the nickname "City of Antiquities.” It is also home to one of China’s best-known companies, Ningbo Bird, a leading producer of mobile phones. Economic growth has led to high ownership of consumer goods like mobile phones (88% of households) and DVD/VCD/LD players (51%), although just 27% have a personal computer at home, according to ACNielsen.

Ningbo’s fortunes will continue to improve following completion of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge in 2008. Connecting Ningbo with Shanghai, the 36 km structure will be the second-longest bridge in the world.

Fast Facts: Ningbo

Population: 5.567 million
GDP (2005): $29.5 billion
Adspend (2005): $ 0.23 billion
Adspend (2004): $ 0.20 billion
Year-on-year increase: 13% (based on NMR's media coverage expansion)
Adspend as a percentage of GDP (2005): 0.8%
No. of TV Households: 3,132,000
Avg. min. viewed per day per viewer of all channels (aged 4+): 141.6
Basic cable subscription cost (per month): $1.79

Average cost of a 30”spot during prime time on Ningbo TV 4-Movie & Drama, the city’s most-watched local channel (based on rate card value):
19:24 - $1,282
20:22 - $1,410
21:27 - $1,000

Top 10 brands by ad spend on TV (2005)
1. Taier Pharm (Chinese tonic/vitamin)
2. Tongren Hospital (healthcare services)
3. Honguang (furniture)
4. Xilang (Chinese wine & spirits)
5. Lingwei (tonic & medicinal wine)
6. Zhongshan Hospital (healthcare services)
7. Hongguang L.F.G. (construction equipment & services)
8. Gai Zhong Gai (Chinese tonic/vitamin)
9. Naobaijin Pharm (Chinese tonic/vitamin)
10. Tonghe Hospital (healthcare services)
(Local channels only, based on rate card.)

Top 10 advertising categories on TV (2005)
1. Professional Services
2. Tonic & Vitamin
3. Shampoo & Conditioner
4. Skin Care
5. Chinese Wine & Spirits
6. Oral Hygiene
7. Soap
8. Chinese OTC
9. Slimming Treatments
10. Entertainment/Cultural Exhibitions
(Local channels only, based on rate card.)

Top 5 Local Channels by Ad Revenue
1. Ningbo TV 1 - News & Variety
2. Ningbo TV 4 - Movie & Drama
3. Ningbo TV 2 - Economic & Life
4. Ningbo TV 3 - City & Art

Sources: Nielsen Media Research, AGB Nielsen Media Research, China
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