25 China Experts You Should Follow on Twitter

Their Tweets Provide a Colorful and Informative Picture of Life and Consumer Behavior in Greater China

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HONG KONG (AdAgeChina.com) - Taking a cue from Ad Age's MediaWorks newsletter ("25 Media People You Should Follow on Twitter"), AdAgeChina offers a list of 25 China experts you should follow on Twitter.

Yes, we know the Chinese government has blocked Twitter ("China's Net Nanny Blocks Twitter"), but many of these active Twitter users have found alternative ways to keep posting on the site and we hope the service will resume its normal status soon.

We've also included a list of their recent tweets, all posted in English, to give you an idea of what they write about. As a group, they provide a colorful and informative picture of life and consumer behavior in Greater China.

Use the comments section to add the ones we missed -- and there are plenty more to choose from, given the rapid growth of Twitter in China in the past year -- or send us a tweet at @AdAgeChina.

William Bao Bean, venture capitalist at Softbank focused on early stage tech, media, telco and consumer investments in Asia
Follow: @williambaobean
Tweet: "Finishing up my model of the economics of the china music market for Music Matters Asia this week in hk, more upbeat outlook than years past"

Sage Brennan, independent media and internet analyst and TEDx organizer in Shanghai
Follow: @sagebrennan
Tweet: "US schoolkids finally getting on the hug train, which Chinese kids have been riding for years." http://bit.ly/sp3Dx (differnt style hugs tho)

Richard Burger, blogger and editor at the Chinese newspaper Global Times
Tweet: "Frustrated with Chinese banks? Learn how to rob them: http://tinyurl.com/c7hcwl I love these lessons - brilliant."

Simon Cousins, CEO of the PR and strategic communications agency Illuminant Partners in Beijing
Follow: @illuminantceo
Tweet: "Taking an 'up' elevator at 12:10pm in China feels like swimming against the world's biggest salmon migration."

Thomas Crampton, director of digital influence, Asia-Pacific at Ogilvy & Mather in Hong Kong
Follow: @ThomasCrampton
Tweets: "Rahul Welde of Unilever thinks we are heading towards a world of more perpetual pitch, switching agency readily. #ame"; "Paul Heath of Ogilvy replies: holding a gun to agencies at every meeting will not bring out the best work. #ame"

Oli D., Shanghai-based blogger
Follow: @djodcouk
Tweet: "Things I care about which are blocked here in China: Flickr, Hotmail, Twitter --- Things I don't care about: Bing.com"

Paul Denlinger, ex-VP at Chinadotcom and founder of China Business Strategy, which advises internet startups
Follow: @pdenlinger
Tweet: "Innovation works best serving its own domestic consumer market. Can you imagine Apple HQ in China and selling to US market?"

David Feng, founder of Civitology, a network of mass transit-based China city sites
Follow: @DavidFeng
Tweet: "The Chinese may clamor for democracy (a supposedly "American" good) but they watch Chris Rock (with profanity) day in, day out..."

Andrew Galbraith, deputy editor, China Economic Review in Shanghai
Follow: @apgalbraith
Tweet: "Friend in Zambia says latest rumour is Chinese-funded poachers use Chinese-built roads to poach elephants, ivory goes in diplomatic pouches"

Jeremy Goldkorn, founder and editor In Chief of Danwei.org in Beijing
Follow: @goldkorn
Tweet: "Xinhua: "World No Tobacco Day marked with gigantic cigarette" Kinda like marking Children's Day with a giant condom http://bit.ly/F6Gk7"

Dan Harris, China law blogger
Follow: @DanHarris
Tweet: "New China Law Blog post: Sex, Mistresses, Improper Payments & What They Mean For UR China Biz Litigation http://is.gd/L7ZU"

Lonnie Hodge, CEO at CFM, Asia Director at Pitchengine, Educator and Social Median
Follow: @lonniehodge
Tweet: "They have cable in the hotel here: CNN?! HBO in China?! Mexican food?! #suzhou rocks..."

Kaiser Kuo, Beijing-based China tech watcher, Youku.com consultant and guitarist in one of China's top heavy metal bands, Tang Dynasty
Follow: @kaiserkuo
Tweet: "OMG, new ambassador to China is a progressive rocker! Even declared a "Dream Theater Day" and plays keyboards! I'm so gonna jam with him."

Ray Kwong, Asia market entry adviser in Beijing
Follow: @raykwong
Tweet: "Reading: "U.S. Will Pay $2.6 Million to Train Chinese Prostitutes." http://twurl.nl/mofbid"

Andy Lee, digital media and finance consultant in China
Follow: @andylee
Tweet: "china twitter space is just another case of over-competition, fragmented market shares, creating too many choices and no winners"

Kevin Lee, magazine brand manager and integrated media strategist in Beijing
Follow: @kevinkclee
Tweet: "Reading: "Latest Report on Internet Development in China | Digital China Guide" (http://tinyurl.com/c8hbb3)"

Kristie Lu Stout, Hong Kong-based anchor/correspondent on CNN International
Follow: @klustout
Tweet: "Starbucks marks Duan Wu Jie in China with... frappuccino-flavored zong zi (rice dumplings). Wha? China Daily: http://tr.im/micI"

Ryan McLaughlin, writer and web designer in China
Follow: @thehumanaught
Tweets: "CNET Blog: 10,000 years of China tech -- celebrating Chinese invention http://tinyurl.com/crhgk3"; "China tech pre-dates China culture - Oldest invention on the list is 9000 years ago, but sounds cooler ;-)"

Will Moss, American spin doctor in Beijing
Follow: @imagethief
Tweet: "Halted at Zhongnanhai S. Gate. Taxi driver loudly burping up a truly lethal combination of raw garlic and Red Pagoda Mountain smokes."

Jay Oatway, Hong Kong-based journalist covering tech news, culture, digital media, trends and social media
Follow: @JayOatway
Tweet: "10 Amazing Gadgets Not Yet Available in the US: http://tr.im/lZWl"

Philip Pan, Moscow bureau chief of the Washington Post, formerly based in Beijing, author of the book "Out of Mao's Shadow: The Struggle for the Soul of a New China"
Follow: @panphil
Tweet: "Independent Chinese law institute dares to break with Party line on Tibet in report. http://bit.ly/4fIyoj ICT will post in English."

Adam Schokora, manager, digital, China at Edelman in Shanghai
Follow: @ajschokora
Tweet: "not including creatives, when you think of emerging/edgy youth culture groups (in China), who do u think of? Parkour runners, Cosplay kids"

Dan Washburn, writer and founding editor of Shanghaiist
Follow: @danwashburn
Tweet: "Fuxing Lu near Yongfu Lu. Chinese gentleman seemingly going for Beatles mop top but ending up looking more like Dorothy Hamill."

Steven Weathers, TV host, video producer and founder of American English Circle in Shanghai
Follow: @sdweathers
Tweet: "Enjoying fried dumplings & listening2 Chinese businessmen next to me scheming how2 get-rich-quick by teaching Chinese to foreigners"

David Wolf, communications strategist in Beijing
Follow: @wolfgroupasia
Tweet: "I love the Kaixin vs. Kaixin001 battle in China. Cases like this are the real tectonic forces that will form China's IP protection system."

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