Who Are We?

Consider our Content Strategy Studio an extension of your marketing department – from conceiving the idea to creating the story to fueling the conversation.

Content Strategy Studio is a marketing services division of Ad Age. We create content and strategies that turns insights and information into stories that authentically connect with your audience.

The top three goals of content marketing programs for brands are:

More than 50% of marketers and agencies find the creation of engaging content to be their greatest challenge — this is where the Content Strategy Studio can help.

Source: Ad Age content marketing study (April 2014)

Content Strategy

Establish a point of view. Ad Age uncovers your audience’s needs and creates a focused, long-term content strategy that will deliver ongoing value to your customers.

Articles / Blogs

Craft original pieces that represent your brand in written or visual ways.

White Papers

Be a thought leader. Ranging from a series of short briefs to in-depth, analytical position pieces on a market segment, white papers let you leverage our expertise in writing, editing, design and layout.


Bring a point of view to life. This can take many forms: highlights from a roundtable, a Q&A with an executive or a recorded debate, to name a few. We can also create an original webisode series, from script to filming, and editing to final production.

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Prove a theory or render a discovery. We craft an approach to collect information from the target audience and provide turnkey services. Research can become the foundation for other content pieces.

Microsites & Hubs

Create an opportunity to connect your brand with an experience. Microsites invite visitors to interact, explore and share, while hubs provide a destination for curated content.


Display research, data and other content visually to delight the reader and encourage sharing.


Bring your brand to life in-person. We leverage our industry connections and vision for what’s next to align speakers with your positioning — all to connect you to the right audience.


Invite readers to consume longer-form content with a specific point of view. We know publishing better than anyone. For over 80 years, we’ve been drawing readers into stories, and we can do the same for you.