Digital Family Trees 2008

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• This database was created March 17, 2008.
• Here's an updated release, created March 30, 2009.
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About the Digital Family Trees
Ad Age's DataCenter created this database in conjunction with the Digital Family Trees 2008 poster
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Ad Age DataCenter asked media, portal/search and agency companies to list their digital properties and services. Companies may have digitally focused properties and services not shown. Numbers are rounded. Media section excludes two more narrowly focused media players: Comcast Corp. (cable; No. 2 U.S. media firm) and DirecTV Group (satellite; No. 5). ComScore U.S. unique visitors for January 2008. Unique visitors are custom rollups by parent company and not comScore defined web properties for Time Warner, Walt Disney Co., NBC Universal and News Corp. U.S. media revenue figures are Ad Age DataCenter estimates. Worldwide revenue is for fiscal year for Walt Disney Co., News Corp. and Microsoft Corp. Worldwide revenue for portals includes traffic acquisition costs for Google and Yahoo. For agency companies, digital share of revenue is worldwide. Agency networks and media-agency networks such as DraftFCB, Saatchi & Saatchi and Universal McCann handle digital work as part of their integrated offering.

Sources: Companies; comScore; Ad Age DataCenter estimates and analysis.

Defining Digital
Deciding just what qualifies as digital isn't easy given that, in the optimal case, every holding-company unit�not only digital agencies, but also ad agencies, media agencies, direct-marketing shops, public-relations agencies and market-research firms�will offer expansive digital services. "It's becoming increasingly difficult to isolate these digital revenues," Jean-Michel Etienne, Publicis exec VP-finance, told analysts in February 2008.

This makes it a challenge to compare companies' digital revenue. WPP, for example, says its direct agencies do both digital and non-digital work, so it factors out the non-digital element in calculating its 12% digital share.

Publicis, in contrast, counts its Digitas agency as 100% digital, though the agency still generates something less than 10% of revenue from direct mail. Factoring out that direct mail wouldn't significantly change Publicis' 15% digital claim, according to Ad Age's analysis.