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Media & Entertainment
Unilever USA
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Global Director
Digital Media
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Director of North American Sales
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Director-Emerging Media & Online Advertising
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Mike Murphy
Chief Revenue Officer
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Global Marketing Director

Bart Decrem

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Bart Decrem

Founder and CEO

Bart Decrem is founder and CEO of Tapulous, a Palo Alto-based startup building fun and social apps for the iPhone, including the wildly successful rhythm game Tap Tap Revenge. Previously, Bart was the founding CEO of Flock, the social web browser company, and a co-founder of Eazel, a company working to make Linux easier to use.

Bart also headed marketing and business affairs for the Firefox 1.0 launch. In between, Bart has been an Entrepreneur In Residence at Doll Capital Management and worked on a number of community projects. Bart was born and raised in Belgium, holds a JD from Stanford Law School and was featured as one of Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business in May of 2009.

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