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About the Conference

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Digital is no longer a category; it's a way of life.

A constant flow of innovation and information has changed the way we communicate not only with each other, but also how marketers reach consumers. Are you ready for this new world?

Ad Age's Digital Conference offers deep discussions of digital's influence on marketing and consumer behavior and insights into how the world's top companies are putting consumers and big ideas at the center of marketing and communications plans. You'll hear from the world's top marketers who are often the economic drivers of the latest internet technologies and learn how the real world is becoming more interactive (and how the internet world is becoming more real), how brands can build and tap communities and how offline and online can work together to increase the value of both. Join us for the most important digital event of the year.

Ad Age Digital Viral Video Awards

Following the first day of the Conference, Advertising Age and Visible Measures will debut the Ad Age Digital Viral Video Awards. We'll present the top viral videos of the last year, sliced and diced and presented with a unique tone based on Visible Measures' data sets. Cocktails will be flowing, there will be plenty to nibble on, and, of course, your favorite brand-sponsored funnies from the web will be rolling:

Tuesday, April 13, 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Highline Ballroom
431 West 16th St, NYC

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*Note: A separate ticket is required for the Viral Video Awards.

Topics will include:

Hear straight from the marketing chiefs about the landscape in digital integration, marketing transformation and what they expect from partners in this new era.

How has technology changed the way we do business? As we get better versed in living digitally, what companies are winning by transforming their mindsets internally?

When will innovative, creative work break through in display advertising? Has it already? What's a creative's role in a landscape with nearly limitless product and service possibilities?

We're all in; now what? How can marketers make the most out of their social media efforts and attain meaningful relationships with consumers?

After the year of the App Store, Android's begun to flourish, and Research In Motion is strong as ever. The robust, vibrant mobile web has arrived-what are you going to do about it?

Truly working together with multiple partners to find consumers in every potential area is still massively valuable. How are the dynamics of these collaborations changing?

What can marketers learn from startups? And vice versa? As so much of digital culture leads back to advertising, are there too many noses in the trough?

Is it time for your brand to become a media channel? Where will tomorrow's consumers be entertained? The answers may surprise you.

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