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Day 1 — Tuesday, April 13
8:00 Registration, Networking Breakfast & Workshop Session, Sponsored by Collective Collective
9:05 Keynote Conversation: Brand Management Outside In

What do Bank of America and AOL have in common? They're both creating digital content, listening to their users and trying to rebuild faith in their brands. How can they work together? In the past, Bank of America used more traditional media when it came to building its reputation. Now it's finding itself judged on very human terms in social media, and it is learning to effectively participate in that conversation, acknowledging that brands are the center of a maelstrom of consumer, social and political dialog made possible by the digital revolution. AOL is creating brands with Internet economics and—hopefully—internet scale. How relevant can those be in an age where communication is increasingly two-way and one-to-one with consumers? In this keynote conversation, two global industry leaders will explore where the historic marketer-media brand relationship—which supported the content we all came to know and love—is evolving today.

Tim Armstrong, Chairman and CEO, AOL
Claire Huang, Head of Marketing for Global Banking, Wealth Management, and Global Markets, Bank of America

9:50 Making Digital Part of Your Brand DNA

Do you answer customer service complaints on Twitter faster than you do over the phone? What's your mobile experience? Does social media help you run your business better internally as well as externally? Technology has changed not only outbound communication but the very way companies operate. Hear how it's transforming a major media company, a consumer electronics giant and a package-goods stalwart. The panel will discuss the organizational implications of this evolutionary process and how it's changing the role of media and advertising, stakeholder management and customer service.

Pete Blackshaw, EVP of Digital Strategic Services, Nielsen Online

Tom Cunniff, VP Director of Interactive Communications, Combe Incorporated
Erin Nelson, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Dell
Vivian Schiller, President and CEO, NPR

10:35 Break, Sponsored by
10:55 The Future of Information and Data Online

Hal Varian, Google's Chief Economist and longtime professor in the schools of Information, Economics and Business at UC Berkeley, will talk about the role of data analysis and experimentation in all aspects of business decision-making. Search advertising brought a new level of data and accountability to advertising; now marketers are demanding the same level of accountability for other forms of advertising. Statisticians are the "sexy" job of the future as business relies more on quantitative analysis over the hunch. Increasingly, though, the problem isn't a lack of data but deciding which data but how to handle and react to the deluge while screening out the noise.

Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google

11:35 Building Strategic Brands in a Post-Digital Age

With the fluid changes in the communication space, marketers must constantly examine how their messages are being received by their key constituents, their customers. Esther Lee talks us through the evolution of AT&T's messaging as it responds to the strategy and environment using traditional and digital tools.

Esther Lee, Senior VP - Brand Marketing and Advertising, AT&T

12:10 Networking Lunch
1:15 Ford Motor Company and PointRoll: Make an Impression

Learn from the leaders in digital marketing services and automotive excellence how to engage users across the digital landscape. For decades, Ford has made an impression on Americans from everyday drivers to passionate auto enthusiasts. Ford's partnership with PointRoll has enabled them to bring the excitement of their brand and vehicles to online and mobile users everywhere through award winning interactive rich media campaigns that leverage both the art and science of consumer engagement. Scott Kelly, Digital Marketing Manager at Ford Motor Company and Jason Tafler, CEO of PointRoll, will discuss how pushing creative limits and applying innovative technology fuels brand awareness, response, and return.

Scott Kelly, Digital Marketing Manager, Ford Motor Company
Jason Tafler, CEO, PointRoll

1:35 Keynote Presentation: How Brands can work with Twitter

It would be hard to find a major brand today that isn't using Twitter to listen and communicate with their customers. And though the service is just three years old, it didn't take long for brands to realize a conversation was taking place there, and they ignored it at their peril. But how else can brands work with Twitter to get their message heard, as well as tap into the trove of real-time consumer data being generated there day-by-day, minute-by-minute? Twitter COO Dick Costolo explains.

Dick Costolo, Chief Operating Officer, Twitter

2:20 If Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley Had a Baby

How are agencies transforming and growing their business with technology, and people? What can the advertising industry do to think more like startups and software developers? We bring a head of agency innovation to pull out the lessons from a nimble start-up in Chicago that's got a few words of advice.

Jason Fried, Co-founder and President, 37signals
Ben Malbon, Executive Director of Innovation, BBH New York and Founding Partner, BBH Lab


Workshop Sessions
Admob Break Media NBC Universal Quantcast

4:20 Break, Sponsored by Adify Adify
4:40 10 Questions Answered About Gaming

A brand, an indie developer, an iPhone developer and a big-time publisher answer your burning questions about how they're working together to make brands more fun and games more lucrative. Hear the truth about everything from creative synergy, development, production and distribution to brand value and entertainment for fans and consumers.

Roy Bahat, President, IGN Entertainment

Ron Carmel, Co-Founder, 2D Boy
Bart Decrem, Founder and CEO of Tapulous
Jill Steinberg, Sr. Director, Media & Promotions, Ubisoft
Rudy Wilson, Vice President, Marketing, Frito-Lay North America

5:25 CaT Short - Where creativity and technology meet

Dan LaCivita of Firstborn will give insight into "the how and the why" behind some of their most recent digital campaigns. Take a behind the scenes look into how an idea comes to life through innovative uses of design and technology. Dan will show how rich 3D and video production, along with mobile, social and other online touch points can all come together to form a powerful consumer experience.

Dan LaCivita, SVP, Executive Director, Firstborn

5:45 Cocktails, Sponsored by GeekNet
7:30 Ad Age Digital Viral Video Awards** Sponsored by (Highline Ballroom, NYC)
Day 2 — Wednesday, April 14
8:15 Registration, Networking Breakfast & Workshop Session, Sponsored by Collective Collective
9:20 The iPad Will Change Everything; the iPad Will Change Nothing.

Regardless of your feelings, positive or negative, about Apple's ability to once again shake up markets as it did the music sector with the iPod and iTunes, those of us in media and marketing find ourselves reminded that we've arrived at a truly existential moment. It comes down to this: Can digital technology, which has generally been taking a wrecking ball to every corner of traditional media, suddenly save traditional media? Because certainly some of us could use a little salvation. Ad Age's Media Guy surveys the media wreckage and picks out the signs for hope—and explores a few fresh opportunities for marketers.

Simon Dumenco, Editor at Large, Advertising Age

9:40 Keynote Presentation: How Technology is Driving Ford's Product Advancements and Customer Communications

Ford is the company that put the world on wheels. But a lot has changed in the last 100 years. There's never been a more critical time for the auto industry than right now. Ford has risen to the challenge on it's own with amazing new products and technologies that are leading the industry. Hear from Ford's CMO about how they are moving ahead of the competition with advanced products and a new approach to communications using digital and social media to tell their story.

Jim Farley, Group Vice President, Global Marketing and Canada, Mexico and South America Operations, Ford Motor Company

10:25 Modern Warfare, Moderner Marketing

Prepare to be inspired as the marketer behind the biggest entertainment launch in history takes you behind the groundbreaking campaign that led to record sales of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Brad Jakeman, Chief Creative Officer, Activision

10:50 Marketing Musical Chairs: Where's Your Seat at the Table?

The days of the AOR agency are fading into the sunset, and being more commonly replaced with "Lead Agency" and "Partner Agency" indicating that multiple partners have the chance to be at the top. But how are digital shops, social, mobile shops playing that ground? Still feeling like vendors? How has the increased fragmentation and specialization of agencies affected the way marketers are working with multiple agencies? The big idea advocate used to be clear, but the question over ownership now clouds that champion. How does talent play into these relationships? Hear from top marketers and agencies about their challenges and opportunities in creating great work, at a new speed and with less loyalty. Moderator: Rupal Parekh, Reporter, Advertising Age

Rupal Parekh, Reporter, Advertising Age

Wayne Arnold, Co-founder, Profero
Colleen DeCourcy, Chief Digital Officer, TBWA Worldwide
Gayle Troberman, Chief Creative Officer, Microsoft
Lucas Watson, Global Team Leader, Digital Business Strategy, Procter & Gamble

11:35 Break, Sponsored by
11:55 11:55am CaT Short - Inside the Chalkbot

Deeplocal, the innovation studio that helped bring a Tweet-fed, chalk-spraying robot to the Tour de France last year (the Nike Chalkbot), is a small team of artists, designers, and technologists aiming to change the way people experience the world; clients like Nike and Volkswagen are helping to make that happen. Nathan Martin, Deeplocal's co-founder and CEO, will talk about how 'Gutter Tech', a term the company uses to describe their process of applying the culture of artists to the opportunities and challenges of business, allowed them to create one of the most memorable cause-based marketing campaigns ever.

Nathan Martin, CEO, Deeplocal

12:15 Case Study: Waggener Edstrom Worldwide and Microsoft Windows 7 & Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Tweets Campaign

Join Jennifer Houston, senior vice president and global lead of WE Studio D at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, as she shares Microsoft's approach to form direct, experiential connections with consumers to build awareness and excitement for the launch of Windows 7. This case study will include how Microsoft engaged the iconic Saks Fifth Avenue window displays to put Windows 7 at the forefront of the New York holiday shopping experience. Hear how the company executed a coordinated digital campaign that took the Windows 7 experience off the PC and into the social mainstream.

Jennifer Houston, SVP, Global Lead, WE Studio D, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide

12:35 Networking Lunch
1:40 Social (Media) Science via the Web

The impact of the Internet on society is obvious; but it also is having a revolutionary impact on how social scientists study society. To illustrate this point, Duncan Watts will describe examples of internet-based research, including a global "small-world" experiment using email, an artificial market for music that examines the impact of social influence on popularity of songs, and a Facebook study of attitude similarity among friends, all of which would have been impractical just a decade ago. Hear about ongoing research at Yahoo! that may one day help marketers measure and exploit social influence.

Duncan Watts, Principal Research Scientist, Yahoo!

2:05 Smartphones are getting smarter… Are You?

There is a social media revolution going on that is allowing people to express themselves and share content in totally unique ways. On top of that media is going mobile. One third of all phones in the U.S. are now mini computers that can access the web, shoot video and send email. How does this affect "content"? How will people consume information? How will they want to be entertained and marketed to? No one really knows...but the BlackBerry brand has a ringside seat to the future. They will share thoughts, and best guesses on what this may mean to the future of marketing and media.

Paul Kalbfleisch, Vice President of Brand Creativity, Research In Motion
Brian Wallace, Vice President, Media, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Research In Motion


Workshop Sessions Digital Broadcasting Group Networked Insights [x+1]

3:50 Break, Sponsored by Adify Adify
4:10 Creative Inspiration: Online Advertising

For over four years Sydney-based Ashley Ringrose has been curating the web's top banner ad archive. Explore the most cutting-edge, creative work with him as he seeks to determine how the medium and the messaging can work in synchronicity.

Ashley Ringrose, Co-founder, Soap Creative

4:45 CaT Short - iPad: the Next Frontier

What's the iPad got that traditional tablet devices don't? Shehryar Khan, who created Best Camera iphone app, iLightr app and Masque app exclusively for the iPad, will talk about the types of consumers who are purchasing the iPad and how they'll use it. Learn about the differences between the iPad and the iPhone and what all of it means to developers.

Shehryar Khan, Founder and CEO, Übermind, Inc.

5:05 Closing Cocktails, Sponsored by VideoEgg VideoEgg
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