Ad Age Insights

A consultancy division focusing on the information and data needed to propel your business forward.

  • How do we socially engage consumers in a meaningful way?
  • How does my brand stack up?
  • What are the latest mobile trends?
  • Who should we consider for a top creative job?

These are just some of the questions that keep marketing & ad executives up at night. How can we help answer your questions?

Advertising Age's 80+ year history covering and guiding the advertising, marketing and media industries has us perfectly poised to advise brands and agencies on new opportunities, industry perception and the competitive landscape. Our team is entrenched in the day to day business of advertising and we offer an expert, unbiased perspective.

Ad Age Insights provides enrichment through private expert presentations, custom event programming, targeted market research and access to our entire suite of intelligence including DataCenter and MarketFinder. Essentially, we distill content and data in meaningful ways to help make sense of the information overload.

Examples of how can we help