Private Presentations

Need to inspire your team or clients? Bring the smartest thinking in the industry to your office to assist with new business innovation.

Private presentations include:

  • The Eight Habits of Highly Creative Marketers:

How can marketers create great work? The question itself brings to mind timeworn platitudes about thinking outside the box and taking risks. And while these clich├ęs have always contained an element of truth, the need for novel solutions and risk tolerance has never been greater. In a world of social media and real-time public opinion, many effective creative solutions are high-stakes wagers. This session will take you through the principles, as well as some of the best work that illustrates these lessons in action.

  • Creativity and Technology:

Social media, mobile devices and new services from Pinterest to Instagram are fundamentally changing the way consumers interact with content, one another and brands. Ad Age uncovers the most important trends in social media, digital consumer behavior, content distribution and brand messaging.

  • Evolution:

Driving creativity and embracing a new normal, Allison Arden, publisher of Advertising Age, will discuss the lessons she has collected while leading an 81-year old media brand through an active evolution; one which helped transform Advertising Age from "the international newspaper on marketing" to a company focused on helping people be smarter about marketing and media. Using examples of companies Advertising Age has covered closely since its launch in 1930, Allison will share stories of Ad Age's own evolution, and ideas and perspective on using creativity to drive business and personal growth.

  • Insights on Key Demographic Segments:

Let Ad Age take the mystery out of consumer segments by utilizing the American Consumer Project Framework and insights garnered from our breadth and scope of demographic data. Our data team is equipped to produce segment reports in quick, digestible bites.

  • Digital, Social and Mobile Trends

We can bring Ad Age's live event format to your office for a private educational experience that showcases the lessons necessary to succeed.

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