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Moods and Moments to Track Streaming Music

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GroupM and Spotify started a multi-year research and data partnership that is helping the agency company and music delivery company track streaming music consumption. One significant finding is that more than 60% of streaming is done on mobile devices, and much of that can be linked to "moods and moments." GroupM hopes these insights lead to entirely new ad budgets, with marketers aiming ads at people while they are at the gym, in the shower or cooking dinner while listening to music.


According to the partners' Streaming State of Mind study, about 53% of mobile music streamers said they listen to music while doing housework, 42% while cooking, 30% while showering, and 20% while running errands.

In the seven markets surveyed, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the U.S. and the U.K., GroupM estimates new ad revenue could reach $220 million.

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