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Artisan Council is a strategic team that manages, engages & grows communities. We are a boutique marketing agency specializing in Social Media and Digital Strategy, based in SoHo, New York. Our mission is to create solutions that will answer, entertain & satisfy your strategic needs of today & tomorrow.

Artisan Council is a collective of young professionals with a history of experience that stems from the world’s leading social and content verticals; music, fashion, media & online start-ups; professionals who value attention-to-detail and scale. Focusing on Acquisition, Strategy, Development and Analysis, our team of highly dynamic innovators have helped Artisan Council become one of the most sought after solutions in the digital marketing spaces today.

Based in New York City, Artisan Council’s global client base consists of companies in the startup, subscription box, beauty, CPG, music & entertainment realms. Our experience & clients include the world’s biggest artists, cutting edge fashion brands, and the fastest growing start-ups in the US today.