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LookBook is the go-to directory for top marketers, agencies, media companies and ad-tech firms in the advertising industry. As a product of Advertising Age and Creativity, LookBook ensures your company’s valuable information doesn’t exist in a silo, but is instead embedded within the content brand executives already read each day. LookBook is the first tool in the industry to integrate a directory product into top premium content sites.

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  • Facebook, LinkedIn ready mobile timeline announced. Facebook will partner with mobile technology and payment company Bango, based in Cambridge, England, to start offering ads on Facebook's mobile...
  • Why '08 Isn't Mobile's Year -- AgainSAN FRANCISCO ( -- Each year since about 2000 -- and maybe even before -- has been wrongly touted as the year of mobile marketing. And this year won't be it either, despite the we're-not-kidding-this-time rhetoric being spouted by mobile-marketing boosters converging for telecom's big powwow in Las Vegas this week.
  • Getting Your Content From the Web to Mobile Phones...their information and media companies and advertisers present their messages. This week: Bango Button. What It Is: The Bango Button is a way for content...
  • PICK OF THE WEEK: Burger King: Simpsonize Me...Springfield resident , just upload a photo, tweak a few boxes and bingo bango, you're a character on The Simpsons, zapped into their shambolic world...
  • Mobile Marketing Hits Its 'Terrible Twos'NEW YORK ( -- Not that it's insurmountable. Not that there hasn't been considerable progress. But despite all the hype, mobile phone marketing is one testy toddler.