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In Advertising Age’s 85-year history, no Tennessee agency had ever made the annual BEST AGENCIES list -- until 2014, when BOHAN won “Southeast Small Agency of the Year.” That’s had a profound effect on our confidence, our visibility, and our business growth.

BOHAN’s village concept has become a self-fulfilling prophecy and an agency “specialty,” attracting new clients who embrace this idea of collaboration for the benefit of their brands. Those not interested in playing in our village sandbox at the highest level of mutual purpose, trust, innovation and business ethics are filtered out prior to any pitch -- or they choose more expected agency options. The level of trust and collaboration is indeed “remarkable.” Traditional walls between agency and clients are dissolved, and clients become willing co-conspirators -- helping pre-sell strategies, concepts and solutions with their C-suites long before any presentation.Since 1990, BOHAN’s mission has been “Be remarkable in all the right things.” Not all things, just the right ones. Because no agency can honestly claim to be all things to all clients. And for the unique community of extraordinary people at BOHAN, being “remarkable” in our lives and the leadership we provide clients is the only way to live.

To accelerate that promise, we established our own organizational model and workflow process, called “brand villages.” The purpose of our village structure isn’t just a forced