Christopher Webb Films, Inc.

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Christopher Webb is a Cinematographer and Technical Director specializing in commercial production and in-camera VFX. His work ranges in scale and includes location and studio shoots. Chris serves creatives, directors, and producers by offering one-of-a-kind resources and expertise focused on artistic process and craft. 
To serve this mission, Chris has built a studio with dedicated production resources and an engineering workshop for developing in-camera VFX and practical methods for creative image making. 
By bringing a wealth of knowledge, artistry, and inventiveness to his collaborations, Chris's aim is to build creative partnerships that yield great work and to excite and inspire others.
• In-camera visual effects
• Super slow-motion
• Tabletop
• Product work
• Macro photography
• Motion control
• Stop motion animation
• Cinematography for compositing
• Projection filming and optical VFX
• Live action moving portrait
• Location and studio production 
Chris's shooting studio and workshop is built for VFX, live action, tabletop, and animation shoots. The studio includes a mechanical engineering shop and many specialty items for in-camera effects, as well as an on-site color grading suite. 
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