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LookBook is the go-to directory for top marketers, agencies, media companies and ad-tech firms in the advertising industry. As a product of Advertising Age and Creativity, LookBook ensures your company’s valuable information doesn’t exist in a silo, but is instead embedded within the content brand executives already read each day. LookBook is the first tool in the industry to integrate a directory product into top premium content sites.

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  • How One Small Shop Got Snared In Online Ad ScamNEW YORK ( -- It's a small agency with a big-sounding name, which is probably why Dallas-based Agency Creative was targeted in a state-of-the-art scam: fraudsters impersonating an agency, likely to disseminate malicious code to consumers through advertising.
  • Latest Ad Scammers: Faux Agency Execs...They're bold, and they have budget," said Michael Caruso, CEO of ClickFacts, an online-security firm that works with News Corp. "These guys know...
  • ClickFacts launches verification suite for ad networksSan Franciscoâ " has introduced an ad network verification suite, a group of software tools that allow ad networks to monitor their publishers for...
  • Search getting invalid clicks and don't even know it." —Michael Caruso, co-founder and CEO of ClickFacts Source: BtoB, Feb. 12, 2007
  • Airline company's latest PPC program flies past click fraud...taken a backseat. But this summer, McKelvey was approached by search company ClickFacts' CEO Michael Caruso, who told him that he could help boost ROI...