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Welcome to Crossmedia, an independent channel-driven agency delivering communications planning, media services, business intelligence, and international account management. We have offices in New York, London, Düsseldorf, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Hamburg and Berlin.

Our mission is to prove that media can be a differentiator in the communications process.

How do we do it? Crossmedia was born out of a passion to establish an agency model that focuses on what media agencies should do: create innovative, participatory connections between brands and people regardless of channel or budget. Crossmedia teams are structured to mirror the way consumers interact with media -- fluid, flexible and channel-neutral. We’re not specialists forced together. Rather, we are cross-trained individuals who manage insights, planning, execution and measurement across all channels. Seventeen years after we started, we see a paradigm shift in how media agencies are structured, mirroring the Crossmedia approach. The difference is that we were born this way.

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