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DialogTech Helps Marketers Measure and Control the Leads that Matter Most: Inbound Phone Calls

For internal marketing teams and agencies, it's now impossible to measure and prove marketing ROI without call attribution. Thanks to smartphones and click-to-call, inbound phone calls from marketing channels like paid search, social, display, and mobile websites are skyrocketing. And these calls convert to revenue 10x more than web leads. You need to know how your marketing is driving phone calls so you can optimize to drive more of the leads that drive revenue. 

That's where DialogTech comes in. DialogTech's software makes it easy to see exactly how your digital and offline marketing is driving phone calls. You can use that data to optimize ad spend to drive more of the calls that drive customers and prove the impact of your marketing to execs or clients.

  • Measure exactly how your digital, mobile, and offline marketing drives inbound calls
  • Optimize marketing spend for what’s really driving calls and customers
  • Control how calls are routed and managed to help sales teams convert more callers to revenue
  • Monitor and analyze actual phone conversations from your marketing to measure call quality, understand call outcomes, and see why calls are converting